About Flashana

An integral part of the fast-moving consumer goods space.

We help Enterprises and Businesses hold an optimal inventory level to maintain the supply chain. If inventory can be reduced without negatively impacting service levels, revenue increases while working capital, expenditures, and write-offs decline.

Company Overview

Flashana develops software products aided with Predictive forecasting for inventory management and Supply Chain. A poorly maintained inventory is every retailer’s worst nightmare. It leads to loss in sales over time, but also represents a poor indicator of inadequate demand for a product.

We can help you answer all of the following questions:

  • What to store?
  • What to discard?
  • When to buy more inventory?

No business wants to hold on to products that are not yielding sales. Every retailer wants to keep replenished stocks of items that are popular with consumers.

Predictive analytics removes the need to buy and remove stocks of products on a hunch.


Our Mission

Making data intelligence and business insights simple for you.

Our Vision

Flashana’s vision is to explore and redevelop the practice of inventory management to optimize the inventory to shelf to sell cycle.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Geoff Fawkes

CEO & Founder

Our Journey

Founded in early 2020, we have assembled a talented team to solve retail analytics problems for our customers.

The COVID pandemic has reshaped the supply chain landscape, with uncertainty in the economy. Our team has assessed this uncertainty, and created a unique demand planning solution, to help our customers plan for the new normal.

Subscription Plans

We offer several services to fit your predictive analytics and real-time data needs.


  • Predictive Service
    (for 3 months)


  • 1 Year Contract
  • 5 SKU Enriching
  • 5 Dashboard Reports
  • 2 Triggers
    (with 6 Months of Past Industry Data)

3 Year

  • 3 Year Contract
  • 10 SKU Enriching
  • 10 Dashboard Reports
  • 4 Triggers
    (with 24 Months of Past Industry Data)

5 Year

  • 5 Year Contract
  • 20 SKU Enriching
  • 20  Dashboard Reports
  • 7 Triggers
    (with 36 Months of Past Industry Data)

Not sure which service you need?

We can help you find the right fit to unlock your data for improved inventory management.

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